The “Mohr”

A Restaurant with History


Schild zum Mohren T he restaurant “Zum Mohren” was always a big name for guests from all over the world. Franz Schubert and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart , were two of the many celebrities who visited this restaurant. They were inspired in these traditional vaults through local culinary specialities and who knows, which musical masterpieces were created in this locality. Even in those times these maestros were touched by the past of this Salzburg Institution called “Zum Mohren”.


Salzburger_NockerlThe merchants from Venice brought “Mohren” to Salzburg in the 16th century. This “Mohr” (moor) caused a lot of excitement and astonishment as he served food and drinks to the Jewish businessmen to their shops. The name of the restaurant should remind us of these specially graceful “Mohren” from the orient. The spirit of these people is still alive in these walls, so let`s feel the vicinity and impressions for a moment.


Hummerndoubtfully also you feel a nostalgic exhalation when you touch the original “city wall” from the 13th century, which is still completely maintained with in the locality.

Consequently the restaurant “Zum Mohren” belongs to the most valuable cultural localities of hospitality in the old city of Salzburg, where once upon a time everything began…


With this in mind, we would like to invite you in our comfortable restaurant

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Family Sidhu


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